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WS Single Side Automatic Sliding Series
* Saves Space
* Reliable
* Bigger Output
* More Economicel

The new w-series computer-controlled automatic heavy duty hydraulic cutting machine is specially designed for widebase cutting. The patented automatic movement for sliding table. The fast approach of the cutting head gives sharp cutting edges to the materials and with one central piston gives the machine accuracy and parallelism all over the cutting area. A wiper attached to the edge of the sliding table keeps the machine tabletop clean before every cutting begins. All moving parts are automatically lubricated. The strong construction is welded by robots for reliability and ensures minimum deflection under load.

Machine Interoduction
1. Electrical box
2. Knife search panel
3. The four coluns
4. Automatic lubrication
5. Big oil tank
6. Double action hydraulic system
7. Wiper (cleaning away all  waste from the table top)
8. Rotary Arm and its adjusting system
9. The skateboard slips the au to land the pedestal to face the device

Model No.
Working Area
Machine Dimensions
80 1260X760 7.5 160 2060X1900X1750 4750 5400
WS430-100 100 1260X760 7.5 160 2060X1900X1580 5000 5650
150 1260X760 10 160 2100X1900X1800 6500 7000
WS4232-130 130 1360X820 7.5 200 2200X2000X1800 5600 6100
WS4232-200 200 1360X820 10 200 2200X2100X1900 6550 7000
WS532-100 100 1520X820 7.5 200 2300X2100X1800 5800 6300
WS532-130 130 1520X820 7.5 200 2300X2100X1800 5900 6400
WS532-200 200 1520X820 10 200 2300X2100X1800 6500 7100
WS5232-130 130 1620X820 7.5 200 2450X2100X1800 6385 6885

Operating System and Functions
1. By computer control
2. Automatic search for knife height
Setting of knife height is done automatically
3. The cutting parallelism
a. By sinle piston system
b. Left and right levers move simultaneously and achieve excellent accuracy
4. Automatic sliding table
a.By rotary hydraulic system
b.Speed of sliding can be adjusted
c.The four small hydraulic piston
Before the cutting begins the sliding table slides and then makes contact with the machine body tocreate a solid piece which eliminates distortion.
5. Wiper Equipment
To ensure machine cutting accuracy it is very important to keep the top of machine body table clean at all times.
6. Movement device of cutting board
Auto movement about 0.2m/m one cutting for increasing 5 times of cutting board life.

Auto Search Cutting Parallelism Automatic Sliding Table

The Operating Panel
1. Height is within the reach of the operator
2. Motor On / Off switch
3. Emergency switch
4. Two hand press start switch
5. Selector switch
a.Knife setting
b.Stroke control
c.Pressure control
Machine is equipped with stroke and pressure control for operator to select the exact requirement for the cutting purpose
6. Depth control button
Increase by red button and decrease by yellow button which is easy and simple to operae

Types of Cutting Material
a. Gasket
b. Rubber
c. PVC
d. PU, EPE and other
e. Vacuum forming
f. Leather
g. Carton box, etc
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