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WS.WT Automatic Sliding Series
WS Single Side Automatic Sliding Series
MK Single Side Automatic Sliding Series
MK Series
MD Series
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MK Single Side Automatic Sliding Series

1. Excellent automatic sliding construction design is for high speed feeding, very stable and posting accuracy, thus elevating production efficiency.
2. The mechanical construction is particularly rugged. The cutting face permanently retains level accuracy. The cutting speed is very fast. The excellent blade stroke micro-adjustment device can be easily get.
3. A best cutting point, thus lengthing the service life of the blade and cutting board.

Range of Application:
Leather, PVC, Foams(EVA, EPE...), Automobile cushion unit, Rubber, Textiles, Paper, Paper board.

Model Pressure Stroke Working Area Motor
MK-424 25T 100mm/120mm 1260x60mm 5HP
MK-430 30T 100mm/120mm 1260x760mm 5HP
MK-524 25T 100mm/120mm 1600x600mm 5HP
MK-530 30T 110mm/120mm 1600x760mm 5HP
MK-536 35T 100mm/120mm 1600x910mm 5HP
MK-624 25T 100mm/120mm 1900x600mm 5HP
MK-630 30T 100mm/120mm 1900x760mm 5HP
MK-636 35T 100mm/120mm 1900x910mm 5HP
MK-424 50T 100mm/120mm 1260x600mm 5HP
MK-435 50T 100mm/20mm 1260x760mm 5HP
MK-530 50T 100mm/120mm 1600x760mm 5HP
MK-536 50T 100mm/120mm 1600x910mm 5HP
MK-630 50T 100mm/120mm 1900x760mm 5HP
MK-636 50T 10mm/120mm 1900x910mm 5HP
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