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MH Micro Computer Control Series

  This machine is a wholely hydraulic and micro-computer automatic control system applicable to leather, plastic sheet, nylon sheet, bubble cotton fabric, small wood board and vaccum forming as well as synthetic fiber and non-metallic material cut-off operations.

This machine has adopted a special hydraulic circuit micro-computer/solid state relay control so that the cutting stroke is more accu-fate and reliable, lengthening the electric life, extending the service life of the machine. Its construction is also particularly rugged. Its operational cutting face permanently retains the required accuracy. Since this machine uses a to-and fro motion draw-board, its cutting bed face has a wide field of view, and its operation is easy, light and speedy, the setting cutted volume is indicated by a large LED displayer that is easy to see and correct, thus reducing material losses and enchancing profits.

An emergency push button is provided on the upper table of the machine to be fully capable of executing the emergency brake under special conditions, thereby insuring the safety of operator, extending the service life of the machine, and successfully achieving the requirements of production.

Main features:
1. Daylight 50 m/m-250 m/m adjusted by electric power, suitable for both High or Low blade cutting.
2. Micro - computer /solid state relay control thus enchancing the reliability and efficiency fo electric circuit, Low voltage operation is more safety.
3. Non-continueous operation while hand-manual press button is last pressed, thus is more safety.
4. Large L.E.D. displayer is easy to see and reliable under vibration.
5. Capable to set the cutting volume, thus can reduce material losses and easy to operate.
6. Cutting-off stroke adjustable between 10 m/m and 100 m/m to accommdate the cutting needs of single layer or multi-layer.
7. The blade stroke micro-adjustment device can easily get a best cutting point. Thus lengthening the service life of the blade and cutting board.
8. Simple blade setting device, High or Low blade adjustment is very easy. Accurate and quick.

Type Press
Area MM
Machine Size
Packing Size
Machine Weight
NW kg GW kg
MH-4220 25 100 250 1350x500 3 2020x800x1750 217x82x180 1650 1950
MH-4220 30 100 250 1350x500 5 2020x800x1750 217x82x180 1780 2030
MH-520 25 100 250 1600x500 3 2220x800x1750 237x82x180 1750 2000
MH-520 30 100 250 1600x500 3 2220x800x1750 237x82x180 1850 2100
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